Zero Trust Security

——Secure The Smart World & Digital Transformation

AnGeek Smart Zero-Trust

With patented smart zero-trust architecture, we help organizations rebuild trust. Securing data, business and other core information assets in the digital era. Jointly building a smart digital network that is more efficient, convenient and secure in deployment, operation, maintenance, and management.

The solution to information leakage, IT privileges and network attacks for organizations.
Four-dimensional protection of "business, data, traffic and identity" through continuous authentication and dynamic authorization.
Assist customers from a wide range of industries, including finance, high-end manufacturing, biomedicine, CSPs, and government, to upgrade to next-generation cybersecurity architecture.

Now Is the Time to Switch to Zero-Trust

With the trend of digital transformation, network traffic patterns have been fundamentally changed, rendering existing network and security models outdated, even no longer effective. Today, we are building a user-centric software-defined perimeter, delivering zero-trust cybersecurity.