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About AnGeek

Shanghai Anji Technology Co., Ltd. (AnGeek C.S.), an innovative startup company, independently developed its own zero-trust borderless SDP network security products with intellectual property rights solely owned. In today's "CBIMA (Cloud Computing, Big Data, IoT, Mobile, Artificial Intelligence)" world, AnGeek is dedicated to achieving the ultimate perfection in identity credible recognition, borderless application access control, borderless network control, security visualization and continuous trust assessment.


As a member of Cloud Security Alliance, Cyber Security Association of China, China Association of Communication Enterprises and China National Vulnerability Database of Information Securitry technical support organization, AnGeek has also obtained technical qualifications in information security system consultation, integration, operation and maintenance, service, risk assessment, etc., as well as owning numerous independent intellectual property rights of cyber security software.


AnGeek is an emerging startup innovator. Independently developed zero-trust framework-based SDP products with intellectual property rights solely owned, having huge application prospects in cloud application scenarios, multi-organizational remote business access, data security protection, multi-cloud border security, and "new infrastructure".


Coming from Huawei, HP, Envada, and other famous technology enterprises around the globe. Having a profound understanding of products, services, markets, customers, etc. The technical team is composed of cybersecurity experts, software systems, and hardware experts, focusing on solving technical and business pain points raised by customers and providing professional consultation, implementation, operation, and maintenance services. The international marketing team possesses strong resource allocation and operation integration abilities, providing customers with the most appropriate enterprise-level information security products and solutions.

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