Zero Trust Security

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Top 12 Zero Trust - China Cybersecurity Capability Map

Today, China's leading digital industry third-party research and consulting firm, Digital World Consulting, released "2020 Collection: the complete version of China's cybersecurity capability map". There are a total of 12 zero-trust vendors on the list, and AnGeek is proud to be listed!

The greatest value of this capability map is the fine sorting of cybersecurity classification, which attempts to reduce the industry's communication, statistical and procurement inconveniences caused by the confusion of classification, and reduce the cost of trial and error on both the supply and demand sides.

At the same time, recommendations are also made for outstanding and superior competence in the respective categories. The factors for recommending them are:

  1. Mainstream or mainstream providers in a classification;

  2. Providers that are extremely unique or innovative.

Capabilities are selected by the data consulting team after extensive research and communication work and are selected by factors such as market share, sales revenue, technical innovation, and positioning differentiation, etc.

The cybersecurity technology and industry has three key supporting points:

  1. Technology - the information infrastructure environment

  2. Applications - business scenarios

  3. Professional - cybersecurity assurance

These three support points overlap each other and give rise to various security means and protection methods, which is the main reason why cybersecurity technology and industry exhibit fragmentation characteristics. The industry's traditional grooming of cybersecurity capabilities is mostly focused on security expertise, but the reality is that cybersecurity technology does not exist without the basic environment of information technology. And away from the business needs and application scenarios, the means of security cannot be grounded. Different information environments and application scenarios determine different cybersecurity solutions. Based on this concept, Digital World Consulting innovatively puts forward the "Cybersecurity Ternary Theory", a classification method that comprehensively covers three support points.


The Capability Mapping divides the information infrastructure environment, business application scenarios, and cybersecurity assurance into eight dimensions, each of which is divided into different sub-dimensions and always corresponds to the best security capability providers in each domain. AnGeek is ranked in the "Integrated System" dimension in the zero-trust area and is listed as a remote access innovator!


In fact, "zero-trust" is a cybersecurity concept based on "never trust, always verify", which does not refer to a structure, system, or function. The functions of AnGeek's independently developed and intellectual property solely owned product "AnGeek TianYu SDP" is not only limited to remote access but also include terminal security protection, terminal security baseline management, terminal security sandbox, situational awareness, threat management platform, dynamic identity management, 802.1x access control, threat traceability, artificial intelligence firewall and more. These functions are all based on the zero-trust concept and SDP (Software-Defined Perimeter) technique.

▼ 2020 China's Network Security Capability "Integrated System" Dimensional Map